Greek Gods And Goddesses In Homer's The Odyssey

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Intro In ancient times, Greek Gods and Goddesses played an important role in everyday Greek life. People worshiped, sacrificed, and fought to please the Gods. In turn, the Gods help and hurt the people who worshiped them using their immortal powers. Each God has a trait most commonly worshiped- Zeus and lightning, Poseidon and the ocean, Aphrodite and beauty, and many more. In his book, The Odyssey, Homer highlights the relationship between Athena, a goddess, and Odysseus, a king, through their traits, Athena’s concern for Odysseus, and *** Athena and Odysseus have similar traits and personalities. Athena and Odysseus are similar because they are both good at war Odysseus in Trojan War Built trojan Horse Leader in Greek Army Athena is good of Wisdom…show more content…
Nausicaa Athena Features Zeus Uses her disguises to manipulate people Both are important Odysseus King and war hero Athena goddess daughter of Zeus Athena watches over Odysseus throughout his entire journey. She asks Zeus to have Kalypso release Odysseus from her island. Helps him on Phaeacia Sends Nausicaa to the coast to wash clothes, but knows Odysseus will find them Quote: “Thou shouldst ride, for it becomes thee more the washing pools are found so far from home” (100) Gives Odysseus a God makeover to impress her Gives him a fog to reach the king and queen without being seen Disguises herself as a child to reach the castle Quote: “the grey-eyed-goddess came to him, in figure a small girl child, hugging a water jug” (111). Disguise herself as the crier to get the news out about him Quote: “Pallas Athena roamed through the byways of the town, contriving Odysseus’ voyage home- in the voice and feature of the crier of king Alkinoos” (125). Announces he won the discus throw Helps Odysseus through his son Telemachus Gives hope Looks like his father acts like his

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