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From learning about Hercules and the Twelve Labors, and later watching the Disney version of Hercules, I observed that the two are exceedingly different from each other, yet share likenesses, Many of the differences that were identified between the two are caused by the plot change. The two plots differed from each other, due to the fact that the enemies and allies had been modified. This alteration by Disney, therefore created the differences that we see between the two. That, and of course, Disney wanted to further its family friendly rating, which influenced the overall plot. While the Disney movie Hercules is quite different from the original, Hercules and the Twelve Labors, they have several aspects in common. They frequently include…show more content…
CONTRAST Regardless of their numerous similarities, you can easily conclude that the movie and the story are more distinctive than similar, To start off, the plot had been tweaked considerably in the Disney movie, In the original, Hercules was the demigod son of Zeus and Alcmene, and Hera despised him because of this. Therefore, she set out to murder him by giving him the Twelve Labors, but he prevailed. While as, in the Disney movie, Hercules is the son of Zeus and Hera, making him a god. Hades detested Hercules because he would be the one to foil his evil scheme. Therefore, he tried to kill him, but failed and only turned him into a demigod. In the end, Hercules would be the hero who would demolish Hades plan. In the Disney version, there is no mention of the Twelve Labors, although it does show Hercules fighting off similar creatures. In the original, the enemy was Hera, and the allies were Alcmene and Zeus. In the Disney version, Hades is the enemy, and Hercules’ allies are Zeus, Hera, Megara, and Phil. In addition to the plot being changed,…show more content…
Even though I would personally argue that they are more contrasting, you can compose several comparisons between the two. First of all, even though they might have changed from evil to agreeable, or were given a new purpose, various characters were brought out of the story and into the movie. These characters include: Hercules, Hera, Zeus, Megara, and Hermes. (These characters were all (except for Zeus and Hermes) given an altered role in the movie.) These characters make the movie recognizable as an actual allusion to the story Hercules. Secondly, there are a few themes that both rang out in the book and in the movie. The similar themes that I observed were: Determination, Finding the Treasure, and Strength.In the movie and in the book, Hercules was determined to complete and overcome each challenge in order to obtain the treasure. To do so, he depended on his strength. While their determination might have been nearing towards different goals, nonetheless, this created the sense of a similar story. Thirdly, many ideas in the movie came straight from the book. Some of these ideas include: Hercules’ strength, Hercules training, being a demigod (at one point or another), Hercules is the son of Zeus, Hercules was not and admirable person at first, and he was

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