Athena A Greek Goddess Research Paper

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Athena is a Greek Goddess. Her Roman name is Minerva. She is known as the goddess of wisdom and war. She is the daughter of Metis, who was one of the titans and the first wife of Zeus. When Metis was Pregnant, Zeus was afraid the baby was a son and would overthrow him. One day Zeus had a bad headache, to get rid of the headache, he had Hephaestus strike him with an ax. When Hephaestus struck him, Athena came out full-grown and dressed in golden battle armor. She was wearing a helmet and carried armor. She held a spear and had her helmet pulled back to show her beauty. Her shield was decorated with the head of Medusa which was given to her by Perseus. The shield can turn enemies to stone. Athena’s father trusted her and told her where the lightning…show more content…
Arachne was a skilled weaver and challenged Athena to a contest to see who was the best weaver. Arachne’s work was flawless but it offended Athena. Arachne’s topic was the romantic and unfaithful adventures of Zeus. Athena ripped Arachne’s work into pieces and drove Arachne to hang herself. Athena felt bad doing this, so she turned her into a spider who would spin beautiful webs non stop. Athena had a childhood friend named Pallas. Athena accidently hurt Pallas and it was worse than just an injury, she ended up dying. In honor of Pallas, Athena added that name to hers. Athena is known as Pallas Athena. Another interesting thing about Athena is that she invented the yoke and bridle, a sailing ship, and the flute and trumpet. Athena had many accomplishments throughout her life and is an important part of Greek and Roman Mythology. Hermes was a Greek God. His Roman name is Mercury. He was known as the God of thieves and God of selling things, also known as commerce. Hermes was the cleverest of the Olympians and the fastest of the Gods. He was the son of Zeus and Maia. He was the messenger for his father and the guide for the dead to go to the underworld. Hermes wore winged sandals, winged hat, and carries a magic wand. His symbol is his staff, also known as a caduceus. It has ribbons around it and the ribbons were said to be snakes. The reason they are snake is because Hermes used the caduceus to separate 2 fighting snakes. The snakes came together…show more content…
When Hermes was just a child, he found Apollo caring for his cattle. Hermes like the sacred cattle and stole them. He covered the cattle’s tracks by making shoes out of bark from an oak tree. He tied the bark to the cows feet so people wouldn’t find them. Hermes made a musical instrument, called the lyre, with a tortoiseshell and cow guts. Apollo didn’t know where his missing cattle was, so he said he would give a reward to whoever found the cattle. Later, Apollo saw the cows hanging and put a case in front of the council of olympians saying Hermes stole the cattle. Hermes confessed and promised to return all the cattle except for

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