Comparison Of George Washington And Maximilien Robespierre

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George Washington and Maximilien Robespierre were both leaders of revolutions but they had different outcomes of coming to power. Their different stances on leadership would come from their differences in growing up, rise to power, personal lives, and their retirements of their careers. George Washington was born to the second wife of a plantation owner in 1732. His father was also a justice of the county court. This is likely where his love and belief in the law began. When Washington was eleven, his father died, leaving his mother to take care of George and his younger siblings. He most likely helped take care of his family during this time ( During Washington’s childhood he had access to a vast library on his property where he likely learned much of the geometry he needed to be a surveyor. According to the American Geographers, he did only a handful of surveys of his own property when at the age of fifteen he went with "George William Fairfax and James Genn, Surveyor of Prince William County, on a month-long trip west across the Blue Ridge Mountains to survey land for Thomas, Lord Fairfax, 6t Baron…show more content…
Louis XIV the Sun King had been bleeding dry his country through immense taxes. He was spending this money on building the grand palace of Versailles, plays, musicians, parties, etc (Letcher). Then his great grandson, King Louis XV, continued on this path of outrageous spending. His son Louis XVI attempted reform but his indecisiveness proved only to aggravate the public even more. He had called the Estates General, which was like a French Parliament. There were three Estates: First, Second, and Third. First consisted of royalty and nobles, Second consisted of the clergy, and Third included everyone else. Each representative was elected from within their given Estate. The Estates were each given one vote, one for the First, one for the Second and one for the

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