Greek Triumphs In The Life Of Hercules

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Like all mortal men, Hercules required food and water to prolong his life. Being the strongest mortal man, he was able to best any opponent in feats of strength and combat. Many of the gods, including Zeus himself, watched these events with pride, or passive curiosity. As he continued to show his prowess in event after event, with gold being practically thrown at him for his accomplishments, many of the gods became worried that victory may eventually sully the heart of this proud hero. Among the concerned gods stood Athena. She maintained a lukewarm fondness for Hercules and watched his trials with interest as he bested competitor after competitor. She worried that these triumphs would soon begin to effect this Son of Zeus,…show more content…
The maiden quickly began slicing at Hercules, forcing him to block and dodge desperately in surprise. Laughs and drunken jeers began being thrown at Hercules from the sidelines. Hercules's face began to feel hot as he leapt away from his determined foe. The crowd's insults only grew over time, with a huff, Hercules very suddenly began his counterattack. He masterfully aimed a strike at his female foe, planning to wound his opponent and force her to submit. The maiden desperately raised her shield to block to blow, closing her eyes and hoping for the best. Much to her surprise, she never felt Hercules blade strike against the metal of her shield. This surprise extended to Hercules as he found his strike fall wide and narrowly miss his foe. With renewed determination, Hercules delivered another slash, more powerful and accurate than the last. To his dismay, this strike also missed, curving instead to the left. He continued swiping, slashing and stabbing at the maiden, each attack with more vigor than the last. As the intensity of his attacks increased, so did the disdain of the watching crowd. As

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