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STRATEGY OF RIO TINTO UNDER “MINE OF THE FUTURE” PROJECT 1. OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Rio Tinto is the pioneer company globally recognized for extraction of the minerals especially iron. Rio Tinto group is British – Australian multinational metals and mining corporations with headquarters based on London, United Kingdom. Rio group includes two companies Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Ltd. The company is leader in production of minerals like copper, iron ore, diamonds, aluminium etc. The company has been operating in all of the six continents over 40 countries with strong labour force of 60,000 employees. The company is expert in turning challenge into advantage. Rio Tinto has aimed itself towards delivering superior value to its customer and for…show more content…
Rio Tinto first listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1962, and today more than 200,000 people count themselves as shareholders of Rio Tinto Limited ( Rio Tinto Ltd., produces iron ore, coal, bauxite, aluminium, salt, and diamonds from among 30 operating sites around the country. Rio Tinto ltd holds around 1/4th of the global assets which is located in Western Australia. It is amongst the largest employer in Australia. Rio Tinto’s Pilbara operations includes 15 iron ore mines, three port facilities and 1,700 kms rail network designed to respond rapidly to changes in demand and which is supported by their operations centre in Perth ( Rio Tinto is planning to expand its capacity by more than 50 percent during next few…show more content…
Social approach of the company relates with the safety and security of their employee at the workplace. Rio Tinto is committed to respect the rights and dignity of their employee. Until 2012 they have reduced their injury rate by 60% which is encouraging growth towards their commitment to the staffs. An organization cannot sustain in the environment unless it is committed towards maintaining the sound environment. Rio Tinto focuses mainly on respecting the environment in which it has been operating. They always try to prevent and if not possible minimise the negative impact of their operation in the environment. They have been conducting the land footprint rehabilitation continuously which shows their commitment to sustainability. Besides being conscious towards safety of their employee and reducing the bio-degradation, they have also tried to add benefit to the economy. Company always ensures optimum utilisation of the resources so that they can create value for their shareholders, employees, communities, governments and their business partners. Company always practices the good governance policy in order to sustain in the business environment. Their reputation stalks from their four core values: accountability, respect, teamwork and

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