Amelia Earhart: The Most Influential Pilot

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Priya Patel 3/17/15 Research Paper 8-20 The Most Influential Pilot Based on American Air flight Amelia Earhart was the most influential pilot based on American air flight because of her equal rights activism, her flights, and her fame. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24,1897 in Atchison, Kanasas. In 1908, Amelia Earhart saw her first airplane at a state fair in Iowa. When she saw the airplane she was not impressed, but little did she know that she was glimpsing at her future. She started to…show more content…
On May 20, 1932, Amelia left from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and was planning on flying to Paris,France. She took off at sunset because she wanted to get there during daylight so she did not have difficulties landing. Half way through the flight Amelia faced difficulties. The alimeter told her how many feet she was above sea level until it stopped working. The other problem she ran into fog which did not let her see if she needed to go higher or lower. Not only was that the problem, but Amelia started to smell burning oil and she saw blue flames. Luckily, Amelia got through this trip and landed in Londonderry, Ireland rather than Paris, France. She then became the first woman to ever fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Her next flight was on August 31,1928, she took off from New York. She also took G.P. as a passenger with her. They ran into some trouble when she did not land right which caused the plane to almost flip over. Nobody was injured, but the plane needed fixing. They fixed the plane together and then she flew to Dayton, Ohio to drop off G.P. After she dropped him off she continued the flight. She had many delays so she got back to New York in October. This flight made her hold the record for the first woman pilot to fly across the country and…show more content…
Paul Mantz, Fred Noonan, G.P.,and Amelia Earhart took off from California on May 21,1937. They stopped in Tuscan, Arizona and New Orleans, Louisiana then they finally got to Miami, Florida on May 23. In Miami, Florida they dropped off G.P. then the next flight was on June 1,1937. From Miami they went to Puerto Rico, to Venezuela, Suriname, and then they stopped in Brazil to get the plane serviced. They stopped again in Africa to get more maps. After Africa they crossed the equator once again. The landed in Pakistan where they stayed a night and the next day they quickly flew away from Calcutta,India to Rangoon, Burma due to the monsoons. Next they went onto Sittwe where they were trying to get to Thailand, but they ran into rain and wind so they went back to Sittwe. When the rain stopped they went to Thailand, Singapore, and West Java's, Badung. After they got to Bedung they stayed the night on an Island called Timor to refuel the plane.On June 29, they landed on Lae, New Guinea where they were getting prepared for the forty-days over the ocean. When she departed from Lae, New Guinea, their next stop was going to be The Howland Islandswhere they never arrived. Nobody actually knows what hapened to Amelia Earhart, but there have been many theories. One theory is that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan crrashed into the sea and did

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