World War 2 Research Paper

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IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF SOURCES The focus of this investigation will be “To what extent, did World War 2 improve the economic status of women in Canada?” and it will inspect the main aspects of World War 2 and the role of women. World War 2 encompasses many different perspectives on women but we will be focusing on the economic status for the women at that time. The article title “The American Economic Review, by Claudia D. Goldin”, and the book “Women and War, by Fiona Reynoldson” are of value because they have further insight due to the academic focus in this area. Source: The American Economic Review - Claudia D. Goldin - 1991 1 This source proves much value because it focuses on the economic rise of women, because this source was created by…show more content…
Wayland INVESTIGATION Did women’s economic status rise because of World War 2 or was it the work of the famous five? Though there was devastation of countries, World War 2 enabled the work of women to take place. The war encouraged women to join for the war effort , but after the war ended women went home to help their families. Due to the aftermath of the war, labour was needed urgently to reconstruct the destruction. In late 1940 and 50 there was a sustained economic growth, and so government’s launched campaigns to invite women to enter or stay in the market and encouraged the migration of people to fill the labour shortages.1 The source “The American Economic Review” states that about 10% of women were working before World War 2 and by 1950 double the amount of women were working.2 Women were able to choose jobs that they wanted to go into, though it was still limited. Welfare state created many jobs for women because these jobs were seen as ‘women’s work’. Jobs such as nurses, midwives, cleaners, clerical staff, banking, textile, and light industries were all available for women to work
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