Why Was Harry Truman Was A Good President

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Introduction: Have you ever wondered what makes a good presidency? Have you ever asked yourself how tough it would be leading a country in the midst of an ongoing war? Well, this was exactly the case with our 33th President Harry S Truman when he came to office in 1945.People usually like a president who is honest, brave, smart, and has a passion for leadership, all which are clearly represented in Truman. I will proceed to name several of the things he did for his country. Purpose of research paper: The purpose of this research paper is to cover the many good things that Harry Truman accomplished as a president during the time he was in office. I will cover many of the things he contributed to the country while…show more content…
President Harry S Truman was definitely an outstanding president with honest principles and morals given that he was suddenly put into office after the sudden death of previous President Franklin Roosevelt in- arguably- one of the toughest moments in American history. He definitely had to make some tough decisions. An example being the signing of the papers to drop the two bombs on Japan (fat man) and (little boy).Many people look at him differently because of that one decision he made without actually looking into what good actions he did in the two terms he was in office. He also supported Israel and viewed them as a separate nation when Israel declared themselves a separate nation. Topic 2: What was he able to accomplish while in office? President Truman accomplished many things to which any of us looking back in retrospective can clearly say that he made in good faith. The next is some things which he did during and post-war. Strong assessment 1: He introduced the (GI Bill), which is arguably one of the most important bills that actually helped the nation have an exponential economic growth after the events of the war and helped re-start the

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