Comfort Women In Korea Essay

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“As a Japanese person, I think it’s something Japan should apologize for…and apologize again.” (Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan) March 2007 This sentence seems suitable to describe the situation of Japan government in recent years. It is because Japan made a mistake that cannot be accepted by the neighbor, South Korea. Their relation now is strained. One of the causes of the deterioration of bilateral relation of Japan and South Korea is the existence of comfort women. Comfort women refer to the sex slavery that has been done by Japan military in the World War II. According to the Asian Women’s Fund, there are thousands of South Korean women aged 13 to 25 years old were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army and there are more than 200,000 women become sex slaves across Asia. This was confirmed by some data that shows the number of comfort stations and comfort woman there. (AWF)…show more content…
South Korea is one of the biggest places where the comfort station and comfort women were found. But no survey has been proven accurate and determine how many women were brought to the comfort stations by the Japanese military, how much amount of them were from Korea, or how many did not return from the battlefields. From the estimates number of comfort women, there is data from several researchers. Table 1. Estimates of researchers Yoshiaki Yoshim Jugun Ianfu (The Wartime Comfort Women), Iwanami Shoten, 1995, English translation,Comfort Women: Sexual Slavery in Japanese Military during the World War II, Columbia University Press, 2000 Ikuhiko Hata Showa-shi no Nazo wo Ou (Inside Japan's Showa Years, 1920s to 1980s), Volume 2,Bungeishunju, 1993 ----------- Ianfu to Senjo no Sei (The Comfort Women and Sex in War), Shincho-Sha, 1999 Su Zhiliang Ianfu Kenkyu (Research on Comfort Women) (in Chinese), Shanghai Bookstore Publishers,

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