Algorithmic Personality Inventory Examples

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Neha and Abhi chatting on face book Neha: Baby , do You Know there is a wedding coming in house Abhi :Ya Baby I Know Neha:- and what else do you Know? Abhi: Yahi Ki, You will be going nute on shopping Neha gets a text on her smart phone Myntra Get 50% off on all your shopping special offer - get upto 60% off on all bridal and related shopping. Neha screams out of happiness!! Surprised!! Could it be an incident or something else!! Welcome to the world of Algorithmic personality Detection. It little bit confused. It a new personality detecting tool which help us to characterize the personality of the individual.And seeing from the above example, you might get idea of how it works well Neha is shopping Frenzy girl in her late teen. It seen by…show more content…
All that an individual needs to do is put in some vital information (via face book and whatsapp) and you can get the personality of the individual. And this information call is utilized for betterment of the individual. E.g if an elder person is showing to much mood swing then that person might be having mental disorder and might need helps similarly individual can match personality and make better informed consent for marriage. Similarly offer charting personality of the individual, we can take care of personality disorder and help do research and help make new and safer drug. It can also help reduce crime. Well up till now you might say yahoo!! Yippee!! Bravo!! Algorithmic personality detection. You might be thinking it is a great invention of mankind and an absolute necessity. But hang on your horses’ cadies and gentlemen. Now get ready for the bad…show more content…
This charting is being done without the consent on individual concerned. This is an absolute violation of right to privacy guaranteed by our constitution. Human being love to interact. But to do so, they need a secure environment to interact on. The social networking website have provided a platform but due to these program like algorithmic personality development, Everything it being charted, recorded and analyzed , evaluated and most of it is done without the knowledge of the individual. Individuals need privacy. They need a secure environment to do so but these programs are working round the clock day and night to collect information of the people so that it can be used to chart out the personality of the individual concerned. And not just that, this information are used by the third party to make use of it and as experience has told us, most of time misuse it. E.g If two adult are in romantic relationship are chatting using web, these shipf into theirchat without their knowledge and start making digital record of the individual

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