Dying Patient Ethical Dilemmas

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1. Identify: • The key ethical issues / questions raised in this case study The key ethical issue in this case study is ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma is a complex situation which involves conflict mentally between moral values, in which to obey one would affect another. In this case, the parents are facing ethical dilemma in deciding whether to disconnect the ventilator. Since the ventilator would no longer works on their daughter, they first agree with the doctors’ decision to disconnect the ventilator to prevent their daughter from suffering, but are uncertain at the same time as the disconnection of the ventilator would be the same as killing their daughter which is totally against the moral values and responsibilities as…show more content…
Therefore, continuing the connection of the ventilator would not alter the negative outcome but would only prolong the patient’s suffering, both mentally and physically. In my opinion, what the patient really hopes and needs is to free herself from suffering in both mental and physical ways. Thus, the action of disconnecting the ventilator should be taken in order to allow the patient to leave the world peacefully with dignity. • The needs of the dying patient’s family As the parents of the dying patient, they are supposed to try their very best in providing the better living for their children. However, in this case, their daughter is no longer curable and suffers badly in the critical condition. Therefore, as the parents of the dying patient, what they need is to discontinue and prevent further tortures to the patient. They are advised to disconnect the ventilator as it is the best and only way to prevent their daughter’s life from hanging at the border line. So, the ventilator should be disconnected as it provides a suffer-free life for their daughter in another world. 2. What will your recommendation be? Justify with

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