Structural Family Therapy

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Structural family therapy identifies problems within a family by observing the interactions between family members and subsets within the family. The family structure is governed by invisibles rules which dictate the relationships within the family. The therapist understands the family structure by observing repeated behavior patterns between family members. Whether the family is functioning or dysfunctional circumstance such as stress or conflict can alter the interactions among family members. Families who have an organized hierarchy have the ability to adjust to their environment. Families who are less structured usually do not. Structural family therapist views the family as a whole collaborating in an effort to change the structure…show more content…
This philosophy is founded on social constructionism, when treating families the therapist must consider the social, historical and cultural context of the family. This solution is goal oriented focusing on current resource and future desires instead of the past and current problems. The belief is that families are stuck in a problem so therapy is aimed at setting goals in an effort to free them from negative behavior patterns. The client seeks solutions with the assistance of the therapist co creating the problem. The technique involves asking the miracle question, the miracle question is a hypothetical solution that could possibly fix the problem. Another technique involves looking for exceptions when setting family goals. Exceptions are not fact they are scenarios invented by both the client and therapist to exam what happens if the problem no longer exists. The case study describes a cross generational family consisting of a mom, grandmother and teen daughter. The teen daughter is exhibiting disruptive behavior experiment with drugs and or alcohol and having unprotected sex (Szapocznik, Schwartz, Muir, & Brown, 2012). Both structural family therapy and solution focus therapy seek to change negative behavior however structural family therapy may work best with…show more content…
By changing the current families structure the family the family is allowed to rebuild a structure sold and functional (Gladding, 2013). There are two generations within this house hold. The mother and grandmother cannot agree on the how to discipline the daughter. Getting mom and grandmother to form an alliance and work collaboratively when making rules and decisions about discipline is essential to the restructuring process. The daughter would not feel obligated to prevent conflict. Changing the structure ultimately changes the how the family interacts creating an organized family structure. The limitations using this therapeutic approach with this family are that it focuses n the present circumstances. I believe that focusing on the past allows the family as well as the therapist to uncover the root of the problem. For example, the absenteeism of the father could be having some effect on the daughter behavior. Since he is not in the picture currently the therapist family will not address that

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