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Sometimes I feel an urge to break the routine and just let the train I'm on bring me somewhere unknown. It comes steadily throughout the years, no matter where I am and what I do in life. When it happens, I know it's a sign – my mind is telling me that I need a break. Even if it is ridiculous and I had just had a break 2 weeks before. Solution? Don't resist! Let that train take you somewhere far away. Wander out and discover a whole new world. Unwind, turn off your phone, breathe in and let the adventure take you on its wings! Okay, maybe not immediately now, but plan a short weekend break somewhere out of the city. I was also joking about turning off your phone – how will you Instagram if you do that? Weekend getaways, city breaks, short…show more content…
Skyscanner has an option to see the cheapest destinations from your airport – just type “Everywhere” in the Destination field! You will often find small or unexpected cities in the list, which is a great way to explore a place you would never think of but might well fall in love. (Pic: Skyscanner “Everywhere” search) Where to stay When spending such a short time in a city it makes sense to book accommodation close to the center and all the attractions. Don't spend all your money on a hotel room – you will likely only be there to sleep! A good option would be to book an apartment in a location that fits your needs. Websites like, and all offer a wide range of properties to rent by day. Even better if you speak the local language – try to search on Google for flats to rent by day, often they are announced on local websites and forums. Money saving hack: if you are booking a hotel, pay attention to the price of the breakfast. Often it is way more that it is worth, and you can find better options in a local cafe. Sofitel in Warsaw charges about 20$ per person per day! How many cups of coffee and slices of cheese do you need to eat to justify that

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