Women In Laws Research Paper

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In a marriage where the wife feels that she has a close relationship with her in-laws, the risk of divorce increases by a whopping twenty percent. Oppositely, when the husband contains a close relationship with his in-laws, there is a twenty percent decrease in the risk of divorce. Having a relationship with your partner's parents can be a tricky matter. It can help or hinder your relationship with your partner. The relationship between a wife and her in-laws differ from the relationship between the husband and his in-laws, though. The relationship between a husband and his wife's parents tends to be more simple. When building a bond with his in-laws, the husband keeps in mind that he is making his wife happy. As women will see the effort…show more content…
The main reason women have a difficult time maintaining a healthy relationship with their in-laws is because when they spend too much time with them and become too close with them, they may be allowing the in-laws too much information and access into the marriage between her and husband. Granting them permission to know so much about the relationship, the wife would open up an opportunity for her in-laws to meddle and interfere with her marriage. This eliminates the boundaries that the wife should've created before establishing a relationship with her husband's parents. This causes her to take everything that her in-laws say as personal and may see it as offensive. Having this attitude as a wife toward your in-laws is not healthy. The wife will begin to see this as unwanted criticism about her role as a wife and possibly as a mother if children are involved. Another problem that wives tend to stumble upon when they are close with their in-laws is complaining to them about her husband. These complaints could be anything from cleaning to raising the children. If her in-laws agree with her, they create a force against him. Which to the husband, could be absolutely aggravating because he will feel his wife is purposely trying to create this front against him by complaining to his parents instead of resolving the issue with just
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