Assignment 3 And 11: A Conceptual Analysis

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One concept that caught my attention was the section about childhood sexuality throughout the ages of three and 11. This discussed curiosity and sex play along with masturbation. I never realized that at such a young age, children engage in these sorts of activities. I had not realized, until I read this chapter, that at such a young age, children behave this way. The biggest point from this section that caught my attention was how children need to learn that masturbation is an okay thing to do and that it is completely normal. Thinking back, I do not remember ever doing this but I also grew up in a household where behaviors like this were shunned. My little brother, who was five at the time, would constantly put his hands down his pants. I distinctly recall times when my…show more content…
Children need privacy and without it, I wonder if that helped shape who I am. I acted out a lot through high school. I engaged in behaviors that I knew my mother would not approve of and did not care if she found out. She always did find out though, because she would constantly go through my things. Not only my belongings but my sisters’ belongings as well. To this day, I crave privacy. I live in Washington and going to a school so far away has been a huge blessing for me. I am able to be who I am and have time by myself. Back home, I was limited on how much time I could spend in my room and I never fully understood why that was. I enjoy being by myself and being able to keep secrets with myself. They were not secrets that were going to harm anyone, but I am just not an open person. I was always told I needed to open up and tell people what was going on in my life and I was never able to keep anything for myself. I do not think it is healthy to hold everything in, but I had to tell my parents everything and did not have a choice as to who knew

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