Analysis Of Donna M Hughes 'Barbie Doll'

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One would expect that at this age in time, societal and men abuse of women would have been long forgotten, but it will be surprising to know that they still exist around us. A lot of marriages are crashing because of men unfair treatment of their women. A lot of young girls are not able to reach their potentials in life because of the restraint imposed on them indirectly by the society. Societal and men abuse of women has reduced from what it was in the past centuries when the best any woman could do as at that time was to bear children and cook for the family without any opportunity to have a job or free to socialize with people around. It is sad to know that even now that women have the freedom of securing a job aside from the household works already imposed on them, they don’t have the liberty to hold some of the high ranking post in the society because of gender discrimination which primarily comes from the opposite sex (men). According to Donna M. Hughes, in her lecture “Men Create the…show more content…
The poem gives us an insight to what is expected of a woman in the society. Even from a tender age, women are pointed to the responsibilities that are ahead of them through the toys presented to them. Women are expected to appear beautiful, sexy and do some certain works like cooking and ironing. When girlchild grew up, she succumbed to the pressure mounted on her by the society. Even though she was healthy and intelligent, society careless about these attributes. Society care more about her look than her good qualities. In the poem, the speaker writes, “She was advised to play coy, exhorted to come on hearty, exercise, diet, smile and wheedle” (line 13-15). Society was imposing on her how they expected her to behave, look and carry herself. When she couldn’t satisfy the society’s expectations, she decided to commit

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