Andrew Jackson's Influence Of Jacksonian Democracy

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For my term paper, I propose to write mine on the influence of Andrew Jackson. Specifically, the paper would be written on the influence of what became known as Jacksonian Democracy. This political theory or ideology, at one point in history became to shape much of our government formation. My paper would initially focus on the philosophical basis of Jacksonian Democracy. I would utilize resources that place the historical significance of Jacksonian Democracy, and show when this ideology became dormant. I then will utilize present day political examples to show the reemergence of Jacksonian Democracy. This will show how the political thought of Andrew Jackson still remains relevant, and has modern day applications. The era of Jacksonian…show more content…
Their political philosophies and thinking dominated much of the political thought of the time. However, this does not describe much of the population. Much of the decisions of government, were removed from the influence of the general population. If you were to look at voting laws throughout the United States, it often was exclusionary. Stricter laws required you to pay taxes, if you wish to participate in the democratic process. This ideal was based on the act of paying taxes to the government. By paying the taxes, you have a vested stake in its outcome. If you did not posses the qualifications, you were not involved of the policies that affect your daily life. This often left elites in control of the government. Some even drew parallels between the tyranny of the British Empire, and the proceeding political culture. This left out groups such as the illiterate, poor, women, and racial groups. During the 1800s, this new idea of Jacksonian Democracy began to challenge the prevailing political elite. As time progressed, progressed made to extend the right to vote to others in society. This became to include all white males, and even some women. This ideal of who has a voice in government began to take shape. This affect began to take shape…show more content…
This may not seem plausible in today’s developed democracy of the United States. However, a strong argument can be made flowing directly from the Jacksonian era. Research in the subject has identified the most recent elections. Elections from former President Obama, and the current President Trump showing a reemergence of this political thought. Political scientists began scholarly research to show how voting bases are expressing a return to a common man centered presidency. I am by no means trying to equate President Trump as a common citizen. Rather, that President Trump has managed to attract a voting base that values the principles of the common citizen. By focusing on issues such as employment, wages, reinvigorating the essence of the American Dream, President Trump highlights the values of the Jacksonian era. The sources I have identified for this paper even show how unsuccessful previous elections have been able to capture this political thought. Research is also showing how this American ideology is being implemented into foreign policy directives. This is challenging the proceeding philosophy of the time. Just as Jacksonian Democracy did in the early 1800s. The intent is to show the value of Jacksonian Democracy is still prevalent in modern political discussions of

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