Women Empowerment In Movies

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Bollywood movies are usually about heroism where a man rescues and comforts the female character and takes responsibility to fix all problems. Most successful Bollywood movies have a male superstar in the lead role. But there are few exceptions and QUEEN is one among those rare and unconventional movies which are neither male dominated nor a love story. Queen instead is a fresh perspective on women. Queen is film hat is intensely local and gloriously global with a terrific lead performance by Kangna Ranaut. Queen is a 2014 Indian Comedy – drama film by director Vikas Bahl and produced by Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motawane and Madhu Mantena. The movie is about a girl Rani (Kangana) who is dumped by her fiancée a day before her wedding. Rani…show more content…
Eventually Rani is shown breaking all these shackles. She drives her drunk friends back home in Amsterdam, dances like a devil in pubs, attends rock shows, drinks champagne, kisses an Italian, stays in a hostel where she shares room with three men from different countries! Queen is truly a brilliant statement on women empowerment. In one of the film’s excellent scenes, we see that Rani’sfriend Sonal is walking on a treadmill and she says to her, “Tu Amsterdam ghoom teen laundon ke saath aur hum potty dhote hain yahan”.That scene in some way was pointing to what could have been Rani’s life if she had got married to Vijay. The movie brings out the importance of marriage in a girl’s life – how a girl’s life revolves around her marriage and the dreams associated with it. She dreams of her honeymoon in Paris since 17 years! When Vijay cancels the wedding her instant reaction is of frustration and anger but after thinking for a moment she realises she has nowhere to so and comes back to him saying “jaisa app kahenge waisa he karungi” “Dadaji ko heart attack aa jaega” “ghar mein sab…show more content…
Some details in the movie bring out the gender stereotype engulfed in Indian society. Rani is shown to be a Home science student and Vijay(her fiancée) as an engineer. This is how our society assigns roles to the whole community of male and female gender. We do not choose our occupation, instead, our roles are assigned according to the stereotypes of the society.Early in Queen, Mrs Dhingra when meeting Rani for the first time says to her “ haaye kitni sweet hai” and then she says to her son “ tu mithai khaa ham gol gape khate hain”. Later , when the Italian restaurateur compliments her for making sumptuous gol gappas, he says, “ spicy but delicious”. That was the entire purpose of the movie queen – the transformation of Rani from being sweet to spicy but delicious.Again, it is no coincidence that both the scenes had a gol gappa reference.It is these wonderful details that make Queen a terrific film.Although the movie illumines Kagana in the the role of

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