Disney Feature Film: The Evolving Disney Princess

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The Evolving Disney Princess Mitra C. Emad claims that "comic books are historical documents that can yield much insight about the particular conditions of their production." This depiction of comic books also applies to movies. The representation of women in mainstream films on the major industry label Disney has revealed considerable shifts over the course of decades. In contract with the portrayal of Disney Princess before the 1990s, which generally is pictured as demure and subservient, the female figures in Disney films greatly changed for decades, but the change is still not enough to reach the goal of a gender-blind society. Researching on the development of Disney princess animated feature film, the early Disney princesses always in…show more content…
Ariel is a beautiful mermaid princess who has a fascination with the human world. She is willing to do anything to be together with Prince Eric, even give up her wonderful voice, her bright red hair, her family and her friends. Ariel has received a mixed publications, such as Time criticize her for being too devoted to Eric whereas others. It's stupid to give up everything to pursue "love", in other explanation, "adolescent impetuous infatuation", such as Empire, praise the character for her rebellious personality, a departure from previous Disney…show more content…
This movement has achieved outstanding results, Belle is a bookish, brainy and intelligent damsel, carrying books at all times. She is a self-possessed girl who knows her own mind. While other superficial girls are swooning over Gaston, Belle repulsed Gaston's proposal several times. She is eager to attempt to self actualization. According to Maslow, self actualization is the ultimate achievement of mature human beings. The relationship between Belle and the Beast is one of best development of Disney animated feature films. Physical attraction is not a crucial factor in Beauty and the Beast, the primary theme of the movies suggests the importance of inner beauty. The beast was punished for he did not be compassionate when the witch knocked on the gate. Furthermore, Beauty and the Beast attach great importance to wisdom. Everyone's head spin in the scene that Belle steps into the Beast's gleaming, palatial library. Jerramy Fine recalled similar feelings in her recent book ,"when the beast shows Belle those towering walls of floor-to-ceil books, my heart flutters just as much as hers. Although the people in Belle's hometown mock her constant thirst for knowledge, I love that through it all she remains an unabashed

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