Essay On Visual Culture

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Visual Culture and the gender What is body? According to Wikipedia it is defined as ”the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal”. How can a physical structure that has the bones, flesh and organs impact the society in such a manner that it changes the ideologies of gender? The visual culture community has been part of the concept of seeing body as subject and object, fetish and fantasy, inspiration and experience. The body compositions usually are naked, painted, exaggerated, conquered and connected metaphorically and literally. These bodies help construct a gender: the state of being male or female. Gender in our world has played and plays a significant role in moulding…show more content…
For instance, when we were young movies came with male as the hero of the movie and female as the heroine who always needed help. We grew up with the visuals of women dancing exposed that is socially acceptable however wearing short clothes weren’t. The advertisements showing only women doing laundry, cleaning utensils, shopping and helping take care of kids while men selecting cars, drinking branded alcohol, working in offices has really contributed to the concept of masculinity and femininity. Even though we are at a time, where opportunities for both the genders are endless it is still limited. We see men fighting wars little do people know that there’s women fighting wars too. That is because of the visuals in media are shown of only men to say that they are strong. In India, we have Women’s cricket, hockey, wrestling and archery team yet we don’t see any promotion for it. There are no visuals to support the existence of these teams despite them
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