Prejudice And Racism In The Film 'The Lion King'

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In the first section, Giroux discusses how innocence has been fused in with the image of Disney based off of the general assumption of the public. Giroux brings to attention that a few of the Disney moves convey some form of racism gender inequality. He mentions how Disney displays African Americans in The Jungle Book and Arabs in Aladdin in a racist way. He also talks about “retrograde gender roles at work” (Giroux 93) in The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, “the undisguised celebration of antidemocratic governments and racism” (Giroux 93) in The Lion King. The ideas he presented helps him argue how wholesome Disney actually is. When watching movies like The Jungle Book one may just see it as a musical. In actuality, the way Disney portrays certain characters such as the monkeys sheds light on the racism in some of these films. Giroux evens points to the movie Cars and calls it the “nostalgic portrayal of gas-guzzling” (Giroux 93). He saying that this movie could be…show more content…
No company wants to have problems that would hinder the success of their product. Whenever there is issue Disney is quick use their powerful legal representatives, public relations spokespersons, and professional cultural critics to keep their name safe. It makes a person wonder why Disney is so aggressive in stopping minor issues. Giroux commented that Disney threatened legal action against South Florida day care centers for using Disney cartoon characters on their exterior walls. It seems that Disney is only trying to look after themselves and their money. The kid friendly messages that Disney tries to portray looked nonexistent, when they tried to pursue legal action against a day care. Giroux questions if Disney actually cares more about its own image or the young children who enjoy their

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