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Mulk Raj Anand has always been a socially responsible writer and till his last breath. In his last write-up which happened to be published on the day of his demise 12th December 2004, he tried to awaken us about the effect of modern science on man that man has turned into a specialized robot having no concern for arts. This shows that how concerned he was with the human conditions and its problems and it remained with him till his last breath. If we talk about his youth years he was a kind of person having concerns for world. He stayed in Europe until 1945, in this era of thirties and forties of twenties century Europe was all surrounded by clash in ideologies. Anand’s vision and concerns were for the world and he participated in the antifacist campaign…show more content…
M. Forster, Henry Miller, D. H. Lawrence and Pablo Neruda. Anand’s concern for society, oppressiveness and liberty made him a part of India Progressive writer Association, which was founded in 1935. All the selected novels in this study, belongs to this era of thirties and forties, when India was under the reign of Britain and Indian society was variously influenced by them. Indian society was in the phase of transition, there were changes in their mind-set, their attitude towards looking at themselves and about oppressiveness and humiliation. In Mulk Raj Anand’s Novel we find all aspects of British rule, which was oppressive but also paved path for Indians for modernization and awakened them to fight for their rights. In this chapter I will discuss how the social injustice, which is imposed by colonial rule suppressed Indians and impacted them so much that ultimately it resulted in their upheaval. Basically this chapter deals with a collision of beliefs. It begins with minor background information on Anand including what he believed to be the responsibilities of the writer. It goes on to explain how, through his work, Anand hoped to

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