Women Empowerment Case Study

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In this paper, a case study has been done on the “Role of Women Organization to Empowering Rural Women through Education.” An attempt has been made to study - educational status and awareness about their insight potentialities and it create social emancipation through empowerment. The study is based on primary data. Data is be collected by random sampling method. Keywords: Role of women/women empowerment/Role of NGO. 1. Introduction: “India lives in its villages”-Mahatma Gandhi. Historical data signified that women have many roles in civilisation since ancient time and these roles are changing over the period. After independence women came forward in all the sectors and there are remarkable changes in the status of women in the field…show more content…
5. Suggestion: India has a long tradition of social service, social reform and voluntary agencies. The sixty five years plan (1980 – 85). The government identified new areas in which NGOs as new actors could participate in development. The objective of NGOs reveal the range of their goals, ideals, programmes and activities. Regarding the aims and objectives, the NGOs are broad based and each NGO combines more than one objective. These objectives cover a wide spectrum of subjects like Socio-economic development of women, empowerment of women, development of rural folks, tribals, environmental protection, literacy, rehabitations of needy, awareness programmes, poverty alleviation, leadership training, consumer protection and so no. The major activities of NGOs in Assam for rural women are a follows – i) Development of woman and rural folks socially, economically, politically through income generating activities, educational programmes, awareness camps etc. ii) Encouraging the rural folks to participate actively in cultural activities, arts, sports and science…show more content…
v) Initiating self-employment ventures for women and organizing leadership quality and personality development programmes. vi) Eradicating poverty through generation of employment opportunities income generating activities, providing skill based training, imparting new technology in agriculture etc. vii) Creating awareness about small families. viii) Formation of self-help groups and provides financial assistance to the members of SHGs in order to empower them economically. ix) Organizing mother and child care programmes and value based education sessions to decrease child death, malnutrition of women at the time of pregnancy, children healthand hygiene. x) To motivate rural people for achieving economic sufficiency using traditional skills and local resources. xi) To empower rural women, women’s participation in the decision making process. xii) To impart knowledge and provide training to rural people on various development issues. xiii) Networking with various government and non-government agencies on programs of social and economic development as well as women health care

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