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After the independence of India, there were some changes in the literary field. Many writers claimed that the excellent writings based on the difference languages of different writers: “India’s nationalism at the point before independence was a nationalism of grief and mourning.” (SanthiKrishman, no page). In fact, the new age writers show in their writings the specious impacts of the western modernism that were brought by the colonized. Although, the Indian people were influenced by the new western ideas, but the Indian culture did not disappear definitely. In any nation in the world the socio-economic, religious and values were always interrelated. Literature was considered as the message f the writer of what he wanted to convey in any nation and in any language, it appeared all the experiences of his daily life: “Indian literature which can be traced back even to Vedic periods is like a jewel…show more content…
After many years, there were changes in writings, people’s ideas started to develop and become more independent, they started to see the world in their own vision. Throughout all the country, there were literary works that were written in regional languages: The kannada novel ‘Sanskara’ written by U.R Ananthamurty Shed light on a particular sect of the community and how the high status they held in society was slowly wiped off. (SanthiKrishman, no page). There were some stories that expressed the complaining of the oppressed writers, it was an important point for the society awareness and emergence of the Dalit writers is presented by the literary work written by Aryun Dangle ‘Poisened Bread’. Even though the Indian writers had written novels from the nineteenth century, they could obtain their fame after 1960’s. Also, amongthe English Novelists, Kamala Markendaya and Khushwant Singh were very famous for their elegant writings and passion for
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