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Book overview and lesson rationale: “Alexander and The Wind-Up Mouse”, is a young children’s fictional story written by Leo Leonni. This book is appropriate for children ranging in ages three to five years old. The story of Alexander the wind-up mouse begins with Alexander in search of something he cannot attain in his little hole in the wall. When he leaves his “home” he is attacked by the owners of the home, disgusted simply because of negatively connoted views of mice. One night, he leaves his hole and stumbles upon a companion, a wind-up mouse named Willy. After Willy explains that he is simply a toy used to amuse his owner, Alexander becomes enamored. All he can think about is that he wants to be like Willy, to be both loved and adored like he is. He…show more content…
Ask the students if they predicted correctly and if they were surprised by the outcome of the story. Discuss how the story changed from the beginning when Alexander wanted to be a wind-up mouse. Discuss what the author’s purpose was (to teach us a lesson about how to be kind and about how two different people can still be friends and care about each other) Extension Activity: You can extend a student’s comprehension of the story by allowing them to act out some of the story. For this story, you could hide a purple pebble around the classroom and ask a pair of students to find it. Assessment: “Alexander and The Wind-Up Mouse” was the first book that truly connected to me, I believe that it has a powerful and positive message attached to the plot of the story. This was the book that I felt I would be able to express fully to the students because of the themes present in the story. I believe that being able to read-aloud to students they will have a better understanding of the text and the theme of the story. Students will be able to identify characters, setting, and important events. Students will be able to identify the main idea or

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