Similarities Between 'Wall-E And The Movie Sound Of Thunder'

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Wall-E essay Many movies and books nowadays are similar to each other one way or another. One example is the movie Jurassic park and the short story “Sound of Thunder.” Another example is Wall-E and this movie compares to all the short stories we have read, such as “The Pedestrian,” and “Soft Rains.” The similarities that I will be discussing today between Wall-E and the short stories we have read are the conflicts and themes. In the movie Wall-E there are many conflicts with-in the movie that are the same as the short stories we have read. One huge conflict that can relate to both the movie Wall-E and the short stories we have read is Man vs. Society. The story that really brings fire to my eyes is “The Pedestrian.” I will be comparing Wall-e…show more content…
One main story that really woke my eyes is “Soft Rains,” this story really gets overwhelmed with technology. In the short story “Soft Rains” people built these houses with very advanced technology. The houses could cook, clean, and wake the people who stayed in the houses; they pretty much ran themselves. “Tick-tock seven o'clock, time to get up, time to get up, seven o'clock!!!” In the movie Wall-E planet earth is filled with trash, so all the humans are in space enjoying life and having everything they want while the robots such as Wall-E are cleaning up planet earth so that one day the humans can come back. Everyone in space is overweight because all they do 24/7 is sit on a chair that take them on a path to where they want to go and all they do is just sit back and relax. In the short story; because of using too much technology the house and the whole street catches on fire. “Fire!!!” “Screamed a voice.” Everything bursted in flames, from the downstairs and moving rapidly like a racing cheetah towards the upstairs. In Wall-E the people actually take a stand for what is right and the person who really made a difference was Wall-E. He showed people that the technology that they had created was running them and telling them what to do as if they are dead, no good

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