Andrew Jackson's Opinion Essay: Democracy In America

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Democracy in America Democracy is the foundation our that nation was built upon and during Andrew Jacksons presidency, he really epitomized he believed democracy should be. Jackson aroused powerful feelings, pro and con. His supporters viewed his election as the advent of genuine democracy, the coming of the "common man" man…(Foner, 352). Andrew Jacksons people of the government ideologies caused great turbulence between his supporters and critics. He was loved by many and criticized by some, but all in all Jackson was a President for the people and really demonstrated his passion for democracy during his reign as president. Democracy by definition according to Merriam-Webster is a form of government in which people choose leaders; an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights.(Merriam-Webster). Rights…show more content…
They all promoted the general welfare of the people to create a society based on individual freedom. When Jackson was inaugurated, his presidency deviated from his original predecessors. Being a Democrat, by the time Jackson came into office, "the axiom that "the people" ruled had become a universally accepted part of American politics. However, even with that "people" mindset there were still limitations in democracy. "The debate over which people are and are not qualified to take part in American democracy lasted well into the 20th century."(Foner, 359) The widening gap between merchants and the famers, women and blacks were part of the majority where democracy did not apply for a very long time. Women and blacks were excluded from the concept of democracy because they were considered less than and were not extended the same privileges as white men. The "principle of universal suffrage" meant that "white males of age constituted the political nation."

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