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Wise Wind Spirit By Orienne Cairns This book is dedicated to my Grandpa and Grandma Cairns. Chapter 1 Once upon a time there lived a wise wind spirit. He was old. He loved to read. He was kind and helpful. When the animals of the forest had problems, he solved them. <<place image01 here>> For three years everything was well. Then one day, the first day of April, it started to drizzle. The animals of the forest had never seen such a thing before. <<insert image02 here; double page spread; this page should be facing the page after this, text at the top>> The animals of the forest rushed to Wise Wind and asked, “What is this wet stuff?” “You can call it rain. It is the Cloud Spirits’ tears.” “Can…show more content…
<<insert image02 here; double page spread; this page should be facing the page before this, text at the top>> Chapter 2 Wise Wind Spirit flew up to his family, the Wise Rain Cloud Spirits. Wise Wind asked, “Will you please not cry? My friends, the animals of the forest, are scared of your…show more content…
“Owl, what will you bring?” <<insert image18 here; texts at the top and bottom>> “I will bring a rat,” said Owl. The animals gathered their gifts and climbed on Wise Wind’s back. He flew them to his family high up in the sky. One by one the animals gave their gifts. The Rain spirits thanked the animals and the animals left. <<insert image19 here; texts at the top>> But do not worry, the animals go back every day! The Rain spirits and the animals became best friends. The Rain spirits were never sad again. It did rain sometimes though so that plants could grow and the animals could have their food. But now when it rained it was because the Rain Cloud Spirits were crying for joy. <<insert image20 here; texts at the top, double page spread>> <<special instruction: place the text below inside the sign>> And they lived happily ever after. About the

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