Domestic Abuse Research Paper

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Bruised, bloody, broken, and scarred. Every year millions of people are victims of domestic abuse. These victims not only feel helpless but alone. Domestic abuse is an important social justice issue because it is very personal to me, it affects so many people all over the world, and just by educating people we can make a difference. Domestic abuse hits home for me because I was in an abusive relationship in high school. I first hand know what it feels like to feel completely alone. The one person I thought I could trust with my heart was the very person how made me a victim. I felt worthless! I felt like it was my fault. I could not turn to anyone for help because I was ashamed and scared. People do not understand that abuse does not…show more content…
Not only educating bystanders, but also victims, and abusers. This is important because bystanders need to know how to recognize a signs of possible abuse and how to handle it. They need to handle the situation very delicately because it's a hard subject to approach head on. I also want to educate the victims. Sometimes if they can also recognize signs early on they can get out of an abusive relationship before it gets too out of control, because sometimes control is what abuse is centers around The abuser wants to be pain control and if someone can notice these possessive controlling qualities from the start they can stay in control and not become the victim at all. Also letting the victims know that there are safe alternatives to go to would be comforting. Setting up support groups and counseling centers to help them realize that they are not alone, that there are other people going through similar situations and they can help them get through theirs. And finally I want to educate the abusers. Some people take their frustrations, built up anger, and problems out on others and make the problems physical. They could use their words or their fists but they need to know that the impact is the same. Words can knock the wind out of someone the same way that a blow to the stomach can. I think it's possible that some abusers do not know what emotional abuse is or they don't think it's as bad. Giving people ways to channel negative emotions and vent in healthy ways can save them from hurting someone

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