Chapter Summary: The Powerful Wind Of OZ

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In the book, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ, Dorothy lives in a small farm house in Kansas. Everything in Kansas is gray. The author states "Not a tree or house broke the broad sweep of flat country that reached the edge of the sky in all directions. The sun had baked. The plowed land into a gray mass with little cracks running through it. Even the grass was not green, for the sun had burned the tips of the long blades until they were the same gray as everything else." Dorothy's parents (or foster parents, since Dorothy was adopted), were Aunt Em and, Uncle Henry and they too were gray. Dorothy and her dog Toto still were in full color because, Dorothy loved to watch Toto. One day, while playing with Toto, Dorothy heard a loud wind coming from the distance. Aunt Em yelled "everybody in the storm cellar!”. The noise that Dorothy heard was coming from a cyclone. With everybody in the storm cellar Aunt Em and Uncle Henry thought that Dorothy was safe. But, then the cyclone picked up the house. Dorothy's parents disappeared and, Dorothy and Toto were left in the house alone. The wind was deafening and, hard to stay still in. As Dorothy was thinking that, Toto skittered…show more content…
They were greeted by a loud roar. A huge lion stepped out and tried to maul the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Toto. Dorothy slapped him on the nose and the lion said “OWW!!" and laid down and cried. He said "I am the Cowardly Lion and I have no courage." the Scarecrow exclaimed “I bet Oz could give you lots of courage!''. So they all set of to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. After hours of walking through bogs and forests they came to a field of poppies. The quartet set of through the poppies. About halfway through, Dorothy fell asleep and the Scarecrow shouted to the cowardly lion “Go! Run before you fall asleep to!" But, the Cowardly Lion set off running. He never made it out, though, he was asleep at the edge of the field of deadly

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