The Outsiders Book Report

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My book is “The outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. The Outsiders is about a gang on the east side of town that goes by the term greasers. In this group there’s 3 brothers Darry, Pony, and Soda. Darry is strong and smart he raises Pony and Soda since their parents died in a car accident. Pony does good in school he makes all a’s, likes to read books, and watch sunsets. Soda is the funny one of the group. He dropped out of high school and works at a gas station. Dally was the tough one, he has a criminal record. Johnny Cade is pony’s best friend. Johnny’s parents are abusive to him. Cherry is a Socs and so is her boyfriend Bob. Pony was leaving the movie theater one night he had to walk home alone. On his walk home from the movies he noticed a car following him the car pulled up beside him and five Socs got out they started beating him up. Then all of a sudden they all ran away and he heard someone say, are you alright pony boy, he knew it was Darry. They told Pony that he shouldn’t walk alone and that if he did he should carry blade. The next night they went to a nightly double where they meet Cherry and her friend. They…show more content…
The greasers win the fight then they go to the hospital and tell Johnny about it. The doctors tell the Gang that Johnny is going to die and his last words are “Stay gold pony boy”. Later that night Dally robs a store, and calls the brothers to come get him and when they get there the police shoot him. The next few weeks Pony starts slacking in school because he’s so upset. Then his English teacher tells him that if he writes a paper that shell pass him with a C. So Ponyboy goes home and picks up the copy of Gone with The Wind that Johnny had left for him a note falls out and it talks about how Johnny knows he’s going to die and that Pony’s a good kid and he’s smarter than he thinks. which leads him to write “The
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