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Will Smith Many famous people have come and gone throughout the ages, but none are better than Will Smith himself! He has been a very successful rapper, author, and actor who plays as a good role model for younger generations. Will Smith grew up in a fairly normal life and neighborhood. Although Will has only written a few books each book is powerful. Later in life Will went into acting. After seeing the journey of Will Smith, you will think a little more highly of him. Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had a formal education in a strict Catholic school where his parents, Caroline and Willard C. Smith sent him. Will had one older sister, Pam Smith (born in 1964), and a younger brother and sister that are twins,…show more content…
Will has only one other book besides “Just The Two Of Us” this is a biography of Will’s life named ”Will Power”. Will Smith is not known for his books however; he is known for his greatness in big screen movies and TV shows. Will Smith has lived many walks of life and through it all had the utmost attitude on any situation that he is put in. Will has been quoted saying, “ I love living, and that’s something that you can’t fake!” What Will means by this is that he knows that the keys to success lies on everyone's keychain so to speak. If you have the determination and the grit to strive toward to your goals, then you can reach what you may determine to be success. Will says the one other key to success is to be happy doing what you do! “Loving life is like an infection or a disease that you can give to people, and I love that”, is what the inspiring Will Smith tells many interviewers. Will also believes that hard work beats talent, if you are actually willing to work hard! Will Smith has said that one of his most important keys to success is the fact that he has what he calls a “sickening” work ethic that

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