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Throughout the ages, Dreams have been the main source of nutrition for evolution. Without Dreams, an individual's purpose and contribution to life will prove meaningless. Dreams inspire new ideas, and new visions stir evolutions. Without a doubt, the American Dream represents the instigator that leads to the evolution of America. The American Dream is the way of life in general (Michels). Since the arrivals of the settlers, the Dream has existed. The American Dream has been the main fuel for all individuals in America. In times of sorrow, depression, inflations, and in the rise of poverty, the American Dream has been there to hold America together. The American Dream is the belief of the American Society that each individual can, through hard work and…show more content…
Every generation’s Dream is impacted by their society based on the way they have lived and experienced life in general. The American dream has taken hit after hit the past half decade (Kadlec). As the American dream takes hits, it’s goal changes from each person's perspective and realization. Kadlec goes on to say that before the American dream was owning a house and living a decent life after retirement but now, it is a different scene. The American Dream has evolved from working hard and the Dream will come true to working hard but still expecting the Dream. If we were to take a look at the US unemployment rate and the US Economy, we will notice that though the American Dream still lives, it is getting harder to accomplish. As years pass by, individuals are left with no choice but to let the Dream pass them by. How ironic the American dream is. The Dream that once was the pursuit of happiness became the pursuit of a never ending allusion. During an interview with Suze Orman, she said “a new American dream is now emerging, rooted in reality. Family and responsibility have replaced the want for the biggest house on the block.” She goes further to

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