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On April 15, 1894 The Empress of Blues was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee to parents Laura and William Smith. Elizabeth Smith aka Bessie Smith was a phenomenon during the nineteen twenties. She was the greatest blues singer who has ever lived as well as the highest paid black entertainer during the Harlem Renaissance. She started her career as a dancer at the young age of 18. She segwayed from dancing to singing and her talents attracted very large audiences. Her shows were very lavish. During these times Racism was very much in power, and African Americans were trying to find their true identities. Bessie Smith’s personal life was very remarkable. Her father was a minister, but unfortunately she never got the chance to know him because he passed away after her birth. Her mother and two of her brothers also died shortly after her father. Which made the five children who were left orphans. Smith’s aunt took them in. In 1923 She…show more content…
Bessie smith was very unique. The way she told stories in her songs connected with people. She was a huge hit and a popular singing attraction for all blues listeners. the power of her voice and her ability to convey the blues and be able to touch her audience was amazing. In her songs you can see the struggles she went through. One of Bessie Smith’s inspirations was the Mother of blues Ma Rainey. She was like her mentor. She taught smith about life both on and off stage. Smith had a lot of hit records while she was booming in the industry. Downhearted blues was her first single and sold a whooping two million dollars. she blossomed into a sophisticated all round entertainer. Three of Bessie Smiths songs were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame which were “Downhearted Blues” “St Loius Blues” and “Empty bed blues.” All these songs are described to be historically

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