Spanking On A Child Essay

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Spanking on long term: To raise a kid is to teach them right from wrong, good from bad, and how to deal with situations and well behave in life. However, some parents aren’t fully aware neither understand their importance in a kid’s life, and how the role they play may largely affect a bairn later on. When a parent spanks a kid expecting the child to well behave and not repeat the same mistake again, the parent will in fact be deteriorating the situating while devoiding consciousness. Spanking a kid may have a long term effect on a child since it affects not only his personality, but his mind and behavior as well. Spanking a kid may seem to ameliorate and have a child’s behavior under control. However, this doesn’t indicate neither prevents…show more content…
Kids learn from their surroundings. They see, memorize, and then apply what they’ve learned based on what message they’ve received. Spanking may lead some infants to become aggressive and violent later on. When parents spank their kids, the kids will learn that spanking is the best way to deal with their anger. The kid may not logically understand the motives of why he/she got spanked, but because the parent’s expression seemed upset and showed anger, then calmness and relief after they spanked the kid, the kid will start to believe that violence and spanking others is the most appropriate way to deal with a problem. The more the kids are corporally punished, the more the kids are to be aggressive and spank others whether at school, or later on in life (health enews Staff, 2013). Some kids might grow too aggressive to a point where they might even brutally spank their kids and spouses. Some kids that are usually spanked may grow fearsome, dependent and unsettled. Some kids may believe that every time they do an action, they might get spanked, so they will not have the guts to move around and behave as wanted therefore feeling suffocated and stressed which might increase the probability of a kid having future

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