Pros And Cons Of Spanking

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Spanking: Teaching Tool or Child Abuse? Physical punishment has been around for centuries; many cultures have whipped, beaten, and tortured people for being disobedient. People today have carried on the tradition of physical punishment, now commonly called “spanking”, and use it as a tool in raising children, but what happens when a parent crosses the line of a little pat to several hits on a child’s backside. Hitting a child has become the way of saying “no”, instead of talking to the child and explaining to him or her why what he or she did was wrong. Some parents even go as far as to put a video of them punishes their child on the internet (Video). The parent claims that he or she is teaching his or her child a “lesson” and other children…show more content…
Depression, antiosocialness, and anger issues are possible factors in life a child may have to face (Parenting Expert Warns Against Physical Punishment). On top of not trusting the parent, the child tends to have no one to confide all of his or her problems to and the child begins to bottle feelings up. The child may also struggle in school, in developing friendships and focusing on his or her work (Pros and Cons of Spanking). According to statistics, about 90% of parents have admitted to spanking their children, and 50% of that 90% have admitted to spanking their children all until the ages of thirteen and fourteen about eight times a year, which leaves five out of ten teenagers who believe hitting means correction ( Visual). Having a child believe that spanking or hitting a person is a form of correction, the child will begin to continue the cycle of abuse. Spanking is the short –term and easy way to get a child to settle down. Spanking does not teach a child to obey the parent, it only prolongs the resolving of the issue the parent is having with the child’s behavior (Parenting Expert Warns Against Physical Punishment). Once the initial effect of the spanking has worn off of the child, the child will go back to the same problem forcing the parent to escalate the

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