Roman Firefighting Research Paper

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firefighting begin in ancient Rome.the first fire crew was created by Marcus Licniuc Crassus.since they had no one to attack fires, he gathered a group of five hundred men willing to go in and try and put out the fires or save people. However, in order for him to save their property, they had to find an agreement on a price to pay.fires are very common in Roman burned up nearly two-thirds of it. Because of this, many people we're finding other ways to help. People would get in lines in hand basket of water back and forth to try to put out fires.people such as emperor Nero tried taking on this idea and came up with ideas such as pumps in other ways of helping destroy fires. later, in 1254 Europe, the King created a Burgess watch, which allowed…show more content…
these are very basic and simple creations. "the very early fire engines were in fact water pumps on wheels."(autoevolution) .the problem with these pants you wear that they were pulled around by people. This took a long time to get to fires and wore out the firefighters before they got there. Sometimes the firefighters even make it to the fire before the fire burn out. hover around the 1850 started using horses to pull the pump. However, this was still not good enough because the men still had to run to the fires.larger the engines got the quicker the men switch to horses. The problem with the horses was that they still had to run around to the fires. They'd been invented things to stand on to ride on the with the horses. This however, which tire the horses out. in New York in 1841 the first steam powered engine was created. However people didn't like it as much. By 1910 they created motorized fire trucks. .after world war war 2 fire engines had platforms raised in the air. " firetrucks received the aerial work platform, which is nothing more than a bucket attached to a bending arm installed on the firetruck."(autoevolution) more modern fire trucks were created for different tasks depending on the type of incident. They also came with pumps, ladders, and room for their crews as well as equipment.there are trucks for caring waters just angers and raising people in the air such as ladder trucks or aerial trucks.another example

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