Children Act 2004

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Children Act 2004 The Children’s Act 2004 was introduced after the case of Victoria Climbia who was tortured by her Aunt and killed. The Act was designed to keep children safe while still living with their families by providing services to help the children and their needs. It is also designed to protect children that may be suffering from harm. This includes children with disabilities and children who are unlikely to have a reasonable standard of health and development. Services such as short breaks and holiday play schemes are provided to help the careers of the child to cope with the stress of raising a child in difficult circumstances. Also care at home is provided for carers who are struggling to look after the child. Aids and adaptations…show more content…
If parents cannot afford to supply gas for heat then the child may be in danger of developing illness which could cause them serious harm. This can be prevented by the parents being supplied financial help so they can heat their home. This can also be done for parents that cannot afford food for their children, food vouchers can be obtained so that the child is being fed correctly. Another right the children act 2004 promotes is the right to be treated as an individual because each child case is different and so should be treated…show more content…
These safeguards are in place so that children are not being mistreated and to stop them being in danger. This creates positive care as children will know that there are places they can go to if they need help. Also this will create positive care as parents will not become stressed and unwell if they are unable to provide for their child as they understand there are services which can help them protect their child and care for them. However, the Children Act 2004 may be ineffective because children are still being left with parents when they are receiving abuse or the parents are unfit to care for them. For example if the parents are alcoholics or drug users then the child may not have the right amount of care they need yet the Act states that children should be left with the parents in most cases. A child may suffer from serious abuse but not removed from the parents until it is too late and the child has suffered severe

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