Helicopter's Book Report: Peak By Roland Smith

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The book I chose for this trimester’s book report was Peak by Roland Smith. Peak, a 14 year old boy and the main character who was given his name because of his mother’s and father’s love for climbing, narrates the story in a moleskin. He is given the moleskin to record “adventure” in from his teacher at school. He lives with his mom and his stepfather with two younger twin sisters. Peak’s father, which he hasn’t seen for seven years, climbs mountains all around the world. His mother was a climber in the past but a serious hip injury caused her to not be able to continue climbing. The first part takes place in New York, traveling to a jail, then all over the world for adventure, which he records in his moleskins. Peak is scaling the Woolworth Building in New York as his ear freezes to the building. A person on the inside spies him, and thinks he is a terrorist. He has to stay in jail for a little while for vandalizing and climbing. But matters get worse as another kid tries to repeat what Peak did and dies so the punishment gets harder. His dad, Josh, convinces him to Thailand with him and come back when things have gotten less severe. Peak and his dad travel to Bangkok, Thailand where they then go on to Mount Everest, or Kathmandu, which was not a part of what Peak was told. Peak knows that if he climbs it to the…show more content…
nature. Peak has a difficult time climbing up Mount Everest and the challenges that come with it such as disease. The protagonist would be Peak, who is very passionate about climbing and enjoys it very much. The antagonist is Mount Everest, with some days that have clear skies and path but has others when storms are relentless and the paths are blocked heavily. A sub-conflict in the story is Peak and his father’s relationship. Peak hasn’t seen him in seven years which can make things quite strange and awkward at times. They have little quarrels at times but soon get over thing in order to climb to the

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