Why Is There A Lack Of Order In Lord Of The Flies

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The novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding explores the cruel side of humanity and digs deep into the meaning of how important a strong civilization truly affects the savage decisions humans make. The novel occurs during the time of a raging war in Britain where young boys ranging from the ages six to twelve are taken by a rescue plane that gets shot down onto a deserted island in the the Pacific Ocean. The main protagonists of the novel are Ralph, Piggy, Simon and Jack who help to demonstrate the chaos and significant lack of order that will arise when placed in a society with no consequences. Ralph, a determined and charismatic young boy becomes the elected leader of the group and is the primary demonstration of order. He first meets an intelligent, yet awkward and introverted boy named Piggy. The two boys, while scoping out the island, discover a conch shell that Piggy suggests should be blown to summon other boys on the island with them. Once a group rallies together, Jack - an aggressive boy who is the representation of savagery and desire for power - and Ralph fight to be the group’s leader. In the end, Ralph is appointed. However, Ralph allows Jack to be in charge of the group of boys responsible for hunting the food. Ralph, Jack and another observant, helpful and kind boy named Simon, go out to…show more content…
Without his glasses, Piggy can not see and they can not start a fire. Ralph and his tribe go to Castle Rock to talk to Jack and show him some reason. They blow the conch to remind him of his former authority. Jack and Ralph immediately do not get along and face off. During this battle between the tribes, a cruel and savage boy named Roger, who has no conscience of what he does, rolls a boulder down a hill, killing Piggy and crushing the conch shell. Ralph is now by himself against the others while being attacked with
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