N. T Wright's Simply Jesus

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In the preface of the book Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright, Wright shares his personal story on Christianity; how his interest grew because of his own faith and his lifestyle of being a historian. In this book, Wright tries to write about Jesus and the various complexities of historical data while still trying to keep the book simple enough for people to read that are looking to follow him. Simply Jesus is a book divided into three parts. In part 1, Wright discusses the story of Jesus and the significance. In part 2, he tries to explain Jesus’ ministry. In part 3, Wright tries to explain what this means for us now. Wright discusses in part 1 the confusion today regarding Jesus. Many different groups of people such as scholars, pastors, and…show more content…
The Roman storm was the rule of Augustus Caesar. The Jewish storm was about the Israelites growing weak. Living in the Promised Land was not enough as they were still living under Roman rule. The final topic Wright discusses is revolutionary movements when God himself would come establish rule in this world. Wright states just how important the remembrance of the exodus was for Israel. The story was about an evil tyrant, a leader, God’s victory, special grace and mercy, a covenant, God being present with his people, and promises to Abraham. Jesus fits well into this, as he was the becoming king. Wright compares Jesus to several other special leaders who raised the hopes of Israel around the time of God’s rule was arriving. These leaders did not only demonstrate the Exodus expectations, but they also fit the model of the two-stage establishment of Kingdom hope. The two stages would include present and future and the Kingdom demonstrates the two stages. It begins with the arrival of the King as the present and the future is represented by a great

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