Stephen Marche Is Facebook Making Us Lonely

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Has social media become such a big part of our life that we are lonely without it? In the article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”, Stephen Marche discusses social media, specifically Facebook, as a method that lets people connect more than ever before. However, his main topic in his writing is that Facebook makes us lonelier. The author presents many researches from professional study to support his idea. I agree with Marche’s argument that Facebook makes us lonelier because it eliminates the opportunity to interact with people. We cannot get the same interaction we have from a face-to-face conversation. I also agree with him because Facebook makes us lack the ability to communicate with people. Since we socialize with people through a monitor…show more content…
The author states, “The beauty of Facebook, the source of its power, is that it enables us to be social while sparing us the embarrassing reality of society–the accidental revelations we make at parties, the awkward pauses, the farting and the spilled drinks and the general gaucherie of face-to-face contact.” It is realistic that the author uses sarcasm to illustrate the embarrassment that we do not get through Facebook conversation. When we have conversations on the Internet and have lack of face time, the connection does not last longer than the conversation itself. Also, these conversations tend to not to be genuine, because people will say things online without censoring. They are not afraid of saying hurtful or insincere words through Internet like they would in person. Through Facebook communication, words also lack personality and tone. For example, saying “whatever” in the message, it could mean “anything you want” or “stop talking to me.” Being able to look your lover in the eye, hold their hand and tell them that you love them is much more intimate than sending the Facebook message “I love you” since body language and facial expression add an emotional element to the

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