Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Humanity has struggled throughout the course of time, facing times of struggle due to the ever-present forces of good and evil. Where some humans fight their destructive instincts in order to thrive in an orderly civilization, there are others that fall prey to the possessive and power hungry parts of their mind. William Golding’s characters in The Lord of the Flies represent different aspects of human nature. Through the main characters, Jack, Ralph, Piggy and Simon, Golding displays the savage nature of man when removed from social constructs, the struggle to remain civilized under duress, and the intellect and compassion of humans, respectively. The novel depicts human nature as evil and dark deep within each individual, and the natures…show more content…
The Superego is intellect and compassion for others; Piggy and Simon exemplify the Superego through intellect and good natured actions, respectively. Piggy represents the intellectual side of humanity that society looks down upon because of the lack of physical representation and strength. Constantly under stress about the lack of parental instruction and leadership, Piggy is an anxious character who displays this by continually trying to reinstate rules and structure that an adult could provide. Consistently in the novel, Piggy demonstrates his ability to think and understand issues logically. This inherent knowledge that Piggy possesses represents only one part of the Superego consciousness. The other part Simon symbolizes by his ability to comprehend goodness and see the brighter outlook. For example, Simon has insight to the nature of the beast and therefore insight on the true reality of the island. His comprehension of his surroundings serve him well because he predicts Ralph’s return home and knows that he, unfortunately, will not. Simon's compassion shines through his generosity when interacting with the other boys. His selflessness exudes when he makes the effort of feeding the younger boys and sacrificing his ration of pig meat to Piggy. All of the actions Simon performs are what exemplifies a Superego personality, including both the need for adult intervention, intellect and compassion for others in order to create a perfect ideology that tends to not be based in
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