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The United States of America has used pigs for a number of different reasons all throughout history. Some swine breeds are used for livestock shows, some are kept on family farms as a source of income and others are used to feed the World. Pork, has become a big part of the American diet, and is one of the most sought after sources of protein. Americans consume and estimated average of 100.9 pounds of pork per year (National Chicken Council, 2014). The Duroc Hog is a breed of swine that originated in the Eastern part of the United States of America and the region of the United States that is known as the “Corn Belt” (Midwestern states). There were different types of hogs in the United States at the time, and the hogs that were red in color were said to be brought in by early slave trading vessels that were coming in and out of Africa, and they were even brought to America by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage (Breeds of Livestock, 1995). Duroc hogs were originally called Duroc-Jersey hogs, due to the fact that when they were first coming up with a name for the breed, the source of hogs that went into these red hogs foundation could not be accurately stated (Breeds…show more content…
Daniel Webster did the same thing as Henry Clay did, but he imported his red hogs from Spain or Portugal in the year 1852 for his farm in Massachusetts. Webster passed away shortly after he received his red hogs, and they were distributed to relatives that he had in several different states, and some believe that these red hogs that were imported, probably played a role in the formation of the modern Duroc breed that we are familiar with today (Breeds of Livestock, 1995). There are two different strains of the breed, in which the modern Duroc hog is derived from; the names of these two breeds are the Jersey Red, and the

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