Analysis Of William Goldberg's Another Catalyst For Cruelty

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Throughout the world many cultures and societies label the words human cruelty with different actions and meanings. Nevertheless in order to understand and address human cruelty, the notion of why it exists and prevails in society must be recognized on a scale that encompasses the human species rather than merely individual cultures. Humans beings constantly struggle with two worlds, the world of individualized animalistic inclinations, and the civilized society where groups of humans together follow social formalities and rules. Often times humans choose live in the civilized world with groups of people in which success and stability is nearly guaranteed. William Goldberg represents in his work the power conflict between structured society…show more content…
In order to drive for more power, others must be displaced below to make room for new strength. Society in itself can grow hungry for power individually and as a community. For instance, governments and countries drove for power during the famous event known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. America and the Soviet Union took part in a standoff for the title of the military superpower on Earth. With the power struggle a matter of raw power and stubborn nationalism that is worshiped by these two societies the power standoff could be viewed as “an affair of two rationally acting Great Powers locked in a power struggle owing to the inducements of a bipolar anarchic international system”(Thornley) both with the intentions of holding total power. In the 60’s, with such a large war having recently ended, humans were focused on ensuring that they would become the most powerful in order to prevent human cruelty. Nevertheless, so many people and groups have become self obsessed in their power and fear, to the point that they would react with human cruelty towards each other. Cruelty is an effect in order sustain and increase the power in their possession. Similarly in Lord of the Flies, Jack punishes the boys to make them feel inferior and to further increase his power of the tribe. When Samneric attempt to help Ralph, Jack views this gesture as a threat to his increasing power and yells “I said ‘grab them’!…Tie them up!…Go on. Tie them”(178, 179) while later on Ralph hears “fresh noises- of pain from Samneric, cries of panic”(191 Golding) Jack feels as if he needs to show others why he is stronger than Ralph and the Beast, through means of human cruelty in order to gain respect and tribe status. Due to the absence of older figureheads in the society of the island, Jack immediately strove to seek to fulfill the vacant spot of a leader. In addition to

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