Societal Collapse In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Throughout history, society and civilization have fallen apart for many reasons. Societal collapse can be caused by economical, cultural, or disruptive issues, usually associated with adults. However, in Lord of the flies, the boys are alone on the island, and are forced to attempt to build a civil society. They do not succeed, and there are many factors that contribute to its deterioration. The boys failed to uphold a levelheaded society due to the lack of authority, the temptations on the island, and the overall conditions of the island itself. Although the boys elect Ralph as their leader, order and discipline are lost due to the lack of adult authoritative figures. Ralph and Piggy are the most intelligent of the boys, and Ralph has the…show more content…
To survive on the island, there were many tasks to be done that the boys simply could not balance and prioritize. They had to search for food, collect water, build shelters, and maintain a smoke signal to ensure their rescue. The society that Ralph originally aimed to build had fallen because Jack had his own priorities. As mentioned before, the presence of the pigs spiked Jack’s lust for hunting. In the beginning, the island is described as peaceful, tropical, abundant in fruits, and complete with a clearwater lagoon. This image seems very reassuring, but the boys soon discover the darker side of the island. These young boys were thrown into a natural environment where no other man has lived. Here, they were forced to adapt to their new surroundings, and each boy reacted differently. Ralph was practical, he knew what was best for the others, as well as himself. The deep forest and tangled creepers add a bit of a fear factor and uncertainty, but Ralph used it to the best of his abilities and attempted to build shelters. He realized the obstacles standing in his way, but he failed to overcome them due to Jack challenging his position as leader. The island was abundant in fruits, but the presence of pigs made Jack want more than just fruits. Jack follows his impulse, and immediately uses the island for himself, eventually setting it on fire because

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