Why Is Social Media Harmful

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I'd like to start off with the harmful asspects of social media. social media is cool to check daily, But you have to be carful of who you talk to, such as friends or family, who live far away. Social media also lets you send photos/videos to your friends and family. who don't see you that very often. Sometimes people like to hack others, to get your's or other people's info or photo's. Most people don't know how it works or why it was made. Some people like to take advantege of people and there posts. Most of the time you have to ingore people and don't let them get to you. I would also like to say that most people don't use social media for that simple reason. The reason people don't treat the media or people right is cause they think their better. They also…show more content…
Secondly most social media sites lie to you just to get you starlted by the smallest things possible. Most of the time the media tries to get you to believe anything they say. Cause they think their right and nobody else is. But their wrong, there's smarter people out there who don't care about social media for multiple reason's. They just don't say. I would hate to be Someone who uses the media because they think they can get more friends that way. Or to stalk someone because they think their pretty. People who just use the media to post picture's of them, just want other's to like their posts or to comment on them. younger teens who use the media to text friends or family. they honestly don't know if that family member is really their family or just someone who wants to kidnap them. Older teens tend to text way to old of guys, they think they have money or a big soemthing. But honestly how do they know if it's them or someone else. Nobody really know's who is real out there now-a-days. Everyday another little girl get's kidnapped because she think's she has found her the right man but he could be a stalker or something bad. She

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