Social Media May Wreck Your Kid's Writing By L. D Rosen

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Social Media has created negative effects for common people all over the world from creating disorders to ruining grammar. L. D. Rosen, from the California State University Department of Psychology, in her article, “Are Social Networking Sites Harmful?” argues about the effects and psychological disorders created with users on social media. Rosen builds her credibility by including numerous accounts of pathos, while also providing logos and ethos. Ruth Campbell’s article, “OMG: Social Media May Wreck Your Kid’s Writing” is about the negative effects of social media on younger children with the use of logos and ethos, but lacks the use of pathos. Both of these authors effectively use logos, pathos, and ethos so the reader understands…show more content…
By using anecdotes, the audience can visualize average people who have their phone with them at all times, which reveals an appeal of beliefs, since the author can commonly relate. Rosen uses logos again by stating cause and effect stories of users of social media, such as when a mother spent too much time on social media, causing financial and family problems (citation page). Campbell’s article also uses cause and effect by stating that “social media on smartphones has caused students' writing skills to wither”. With using this type of logos, the reader can specifically understand the negative impact social media has on the youth. (citation page). Examples is also used when the author brings up how schools have started teaching their students to keyboard type in kindergarten, leading to the children being able to easily access social media, such as in the Cape Girardeau public school student who now “how to operate smartphones and have computers at home” (citation

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