Persuasive Speech On Skin Care

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We are no strangers to dreaded skin problems such as acne, blackheads, or undereye circles. As working professionals, we are encouraged to look our very best from top to bottom. As students, we get hormonal and have breakouts. There are many reasons why we end up buying all sorts of skin care products and use them so often, or sometimes scarcely, which can result in duller-looking skin. A lot of products promise us the everlasting glow of youthful skin, or the poreless porcelain skin a girl can dream of having, but falling prey to these claims and purchasing unnecessary products will only be adding salt to the wound. Also, some products will only be effective during certain hours of the day. Our body produces its own natural oil and moisture, and having the right products can help maintain that, leading to flawless skin. So, how do you know which products are the ones you actually need? And if you do have them, are you using them right? Here is a compilation of the essential products to have in our homes (or bags) and when to use them, for healthier-looking skin! Clean the dirt away Upon waking up early during the day, what better way to freshen up your face than splashing it with cold water? It is during this time of day that the skin is the most sensitive and requires gentle cleansing routine to remove the dirt, grime, and oil that has accumulated…show more content…
However, damage on the skin can still occur due to various reasons. The number one reason that can break the skin’s texture and cause premature aging is the prolonged exposure to the Sun’s harmful UV rays. A little sunshine does not hurt anybody - we all need that Vitamin D. But to protect our skin, sunscreens are essential. A minimum of 20 SPF is recommended, and products that provide protection, as well as moisture for our skin such as those 2-in-1 sunscreens are a bonus! (Read How to Choose the Right Sunscreen? Must Know

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